Evidence Base

What evidence do we need?

A robust evidence base is required to inform and support the preparation and examination of the Local Plan.

A large amount of evidence has already been prepared as part of the existing Local Development Framework.

However, some of this evidence is being reviewed and updated; some additional evidence may be required on issues such as viability.

For Approval with DDR completed

Final drafts to be completed by 20/09 and DDR required

  • North Lincolnshire Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment
  • Scunthorpe Town Centre Masterplan
  • North Lincolnshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment

For Approval prior to Submission Draft publication

  • North Lincolnshire Local Waste Needs Assessment
  • North Lincolnshire Minerals Apportionment Paper
  • North Lincolnshire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
  • Barton Regeneration Plan
  • Playing Pitch Strategy 2020